About Us


Your Curvy Style offers an eclectic mix of vintage influences and contemporary pieces you won't find anywhere else. Our stylist is a true shopaholic and is always on the hunt for high end vintage and modern styles to present a unique shopping experience. The curated collections bridge timeless classics with the season’s best trends. With a focus on luxury, the brand favors premium leather, wool, and lavish silk. Your Curvy Style vintage clothing is of a higher standard: meticulously inspected, professionally cleaned, and styled by our team of fashion experts. With a expansive selection of wardrobe must-haves we are sure you will find something that’s speaks to Your Curvy Style.

Porsha Cileese is a fashion designer, stylist, and blogger currently living in Atlanta, GA. Originally born and raised in New York City she is the epitome of an Uptown girl. Inspired by the city’s culture, music, and energy, she poured her influences into a styling service for curvy women. With her keen eye for fashion, design, and quality she has become known for her expertise on luxury plus size fashion. Understanding the importance of having a strong and confident presence. Porsha’s determined that the best investment you can make is yourself. Challenging the status quo for plus size fashion, Porsha offers a solution for women looking to transform into their true selves through the power of style.  Believing that luxury is a necessity, Porsha leverages her vast knowledge of fashion and delivers it to women through her designs, vintage boutique, and style blog.